Vaclav Havel The Power of the Powerless in the 20th Century (EN)

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This biography is not just about Václav Havel and his legacy, but about the history of Central Europe in the 20th Century. It offers a foundation that anyone interested in this history should know.

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Václav Havel grew up during the great historical upheavals of the Second World War and the division of Europe by the Iron Curtain. Later he would make his own mark on history. Was he more powerful as a president struggling to bring a more human dimension to politics, or as a prisoner of the communist regime, acting in accordance with his conscience?


In the face of the dangers and challenges of today, it becomes ever clearer that European politics in the decade since Havel’s death has lacked figures of the same moral stature.


Martin Vopěnka is the author of many successful books for children, young people and adults. His books have been translated into ten languages. Here, he once again shows his ability to select the most essential information and set it in comprehensible context. At the same time, he does not disguise the fact that the theme is a very personal one for him. Eva Bartošová’s apt illustrations accompany his moving account of Havel’s life and times.


Translated from the Czech original by Anna Bryson.

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Kategorie: Anglicky
Hmotnost: 0.48 kg
Autor: Martin Vopěnka
Jazyk: angličtina
Počet stran: 96
Vazba: Pevná vazba bez přebalu
EAN: 9788072529711
ISBN: 978-80-7252-971-1
Ilustrace: Eva Bartošová
Překlad: Anna Bryson
Rok vydání: 2023

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