Prague in Legends (EN)

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Značka: Anna Novotná
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Prague's enchanting charm is deeply rooted in its history and unique atmosphere, captivating visitors with its blend of legend and reality. Iconic sights like Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the Old Town are steeped in tales of magical swords, brave heroes, and mystical figures, contributing to the city's poetic and historic allure.

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THE MOST FAMED PRAGUE SIGHTS SWATHED IN LEGEND Prague‘s charm lies deeply buried in its history and its one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Once you set foot in its dark recesses, you never manage to free yourself from its magical embrace. You fall in love. All your senses come alive. Among the tones of Prague‘s bells and chimes you may catch the distant fiddling of the knight Dalibor from his tower in Prague Castle. On Charles Bridge you may happen to stumble across the right stone and discover Bruncvík‘s magical sword. And you are certain to catch a glimpse of the portrait of the brave barber girl Zuzana in the Old Town Bridge Tower. In the church with the Infant Jesus of Prague you will feel the flurry of wings of the seven guardian angels and in the Jewish Town the shadow of the giant man made of clay will pass over you somewhere behind the Old-New Synagogue. The statue of Prince Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square, the fiery skeleton and mad barber on Karlova Street... these and other legendary figures make up the poetry of historic Prague.

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Kategorie: Anglicky
Hmotnost: 0.375 kg
Autor: Anna Novotná
Jazyk: angličtina
Počet stran: 88
Vazba: Pevná vazba bez přebalu
EAN: 9788072526185
ISBN: 978-80-7252-618-5
Ilustrace: Jan Klimeš
Rok vydání: 2016

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